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Giving Up Privilege Webinar


The concept of “privilege” represents a deep misunderstanding of racism and its impacts, instead reifying White supremacy and sowing separation and guilt. During this webinar, you will learn to differentiate between three distinct phenomena that have been lumped into “White Privilege”: 1) Human Rights, 2) “Systemic Obliviousness,” and, 3) “Entitlement.” We explore how “benefit” and “advantage” narratives—connotations of “privilege”—are counter-productive to solidarity and equity and instead reinforce White supremacy, advocate assimilation, and perpetuate paternalism and defensiveness. We also examine how “privilege” denies the costs to White people as non-targets of racism: loss of humanity, connection, and belonging. NOTE: In this offering we use “White privilege” for teaching concepts that apply to all types of oppression and the use of “privilege” in broader social justice work. 


At the end of this webinar, we will have:

  • Understood how the “White Privilege Narrative” perpetuates assimilation, guilt, and defensiveness, inadvertently keeping White supremacy and systemic racism in place. 
  • Recognized and named patterns of internalized dominance and entitlement, systemic, non-target obliviousness, and human rights as distinct concepts.
  • Shifted from experiencing non-target identity as one of “privilege” to one of “loss” as we recognize the costs of oppression to and as non-targets.
  • Deepened our understanding of LJIST’s core theory of social transformation and its application to ending racism 


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