$7,997.00 USD


Facilitation Coaching Agreement (PLEASE READ)

  • All virtual coaching sessions with your Coach will take place using Zoom. If Coachee prefers to meet elsewhere, mileage and travel time or airfare and travel expenses will be billed to the Coachee and is not currently included in coaching program fees.
  • Coachee will complete all program sessions within six months of registration or forfeit remaining sessions.
  • Any coaching sessions cancelled by the Coachee with less than 24-hour notice will be considered forfeited. Coachee will be responsible to reschedule any cancelled sessions. If cancelled sessions are not rescheduled within the duration of the contract these sessions will be considered forfeited.
  • Coach will make every accommodation for late arrival up to 15 minutes. If she cannot accommodate extending the session at that time, she will be willing to add up to 15 minutes for a future session as a one-time courtesy.
  • All coaching sessions will be scheduled Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30 am-5:00 pm PST. A one-time exception will be made if expressly requested and necessary.
  • Every effort will be made to maintain a consistent schedule (monthly 1-on-1 sessions and monthly 2-on-1 sessions).
    Coachee agrees to pay the full program cost upfront for a total payment of $6,000.
  • LJIST Administrative Staff (Director of Operations and Office Manager & Executive Assistant) will not share Coachee confidential information but will have access to Coaching Program documentation for administrative support purposes.
  • Unless otherwise specified, LJIST will communicate via email to the work email address on file. We will communicate directly with the Coachee and cc any administrative assistant, if requested.

Coach Commitments

  • Commit to 6 1-on-1 sessions and 6 2-on-1 sessions.
    • Meet with Coachee for 6 monthly 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom.
    • Meet with both Facilitation Coaching Partners (FCP) for 6 monthly 1-hour 2-on-1 coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Test and troubleshoot all technology 24 hours in advance of session. If technology is not working, reschedule with at least 24 hours advance notice.
  • Provide administrative support for easy access to calendaring.
    Maintain confidentiality of anything shared during listening sessions.
  • Provide “Pre-Coaching Questionnaire” to complete prior to first coaching session.
  • Provide “End-of-Program Individual Reflection” to complete before final 1-on-1 coaching session.
  • Provide “End-of-Program Coaching Partnership Reflection” to complete before final 2-on-1 coaching session.
  • Provide “Program Evaluation” to complete after finishing the program.
  • Make every effort to arrive in time for scheduled sessions.
  • Be open, honest, authentic, and undefended throughout the coaching process.

Coachee Commitments 

  • Commit to 6 1-on-1 sessions and 6 2-on-1 sessions with Coach.
    • Meet with your coach for 6 monthly 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom.
    • Meet with your coach and Facilitation Coaching Partner (FCP) every month for 6 1-hour 2-on-1 coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Meet with Facilitation Coaching Partner weekly for 1-hour FCP listening and practice sessions in-person or virtually with video.
  • Meet for all coaching sessions in a private location where you will not be overheard (for confidentiality purposes) nor uninterrupted (ideally).
  • Test and troubleshoot all technology 24 hours in advance of session. If technology is not working, reschedule with at least 24 hours advance notice.
  • Provide administrative support for easy access to calendaring for LJIST Office Manager.
    Maintain confidentiality of anything shared during listening sessions.
  • Complete “Pre-Coaching Questionnaire” prior to first coaching session.
  • Complete “End-of-Program Individual Reflection” before final 1-on-1 coaching session.
  • Complete “End-of-Program Coaching Partnership Reflection” before 2-on-1 coaching session.
  • Complete “Program Evaluation” after finishing the program.
  • Make every effort to arrive on time for scheduled sessions.
  • Be open, honest, authentic, and undefended throughout the coaching process.

Getting the Most from Your Coaching Sessions

  • Plan to not be interrupted for the entire time of your coaching or FCP peer listening and practice sessions. This means not only no personal interruptions but also no work phone calls nor text messages. Please communicate to anyone who might interrupt that this is a time that you cannot be disturbed.
  • Plan to clear space (emotional and on your calendar) immediately after your coaching or FCP peer listening and practice sessions. You might want time to transition to the next thing or to simply process (journaling or reflecting) what came up. You will get more out of these sessions if you build this time into your calendar appointments. Please communicate with anyone who might have access to your calendar that this is not “open” time to be scheduled over; this is part of the coaching experience.
  • Each session will include the following:
    • Check-in
    • Updates on any insights or shifts from last session
    • Share key facilitation issues or challenges you are facing at this time
    • Constructivist Listening Time:
    • Coachee will have designated listening time.
    • Optional: Coachee will give listening attention to your Coach to develop listening skills.
    • What worked well in the session? Anything to adjust next time?
    • Closing
  • Coach and Coachee will collaborate to determine agreements for documentation of sessions. If desired, notes will be documented on the Coachee’s confidential Asana board. No content shared during Constructivist Listening turns will be documented.
  • Coaching sessions are designed to meet the needs of the Coachee. The Coachee will determine the agenda. The Coachee is also responsible for using the session to shift behaviors, implement actions and be accountable for achieving their goals for the coaching experience.

Limited Media & Liability Waiver & Release

  • There may be occasions during a coaching session that you or your coach request some content be recorded for later viewing. Recordings will not happen without your express verbal consent and agreement. See below for instructions on accessing recorded content. In these instances, you agree to all of the following.
  • LJIST respects your privacy, your personal stories, and your willingness to share openly within a confidential coaching setting. LJIST will not publicly reveal your identity or identifying characteristics in connection with any shared personal stories or information.
  • You otherwise grant LJIST and its representatives permission to video, photograph, interview, and record you, your voice, appearances, and statements in relation to the LJIST coaching program (the “Media”). For the purposes of training, program development, and quality assurance, LJIST may edit, share, and otherwise use the Media internally within the LJIST organization, in any form or format, without restriction. LJIST may share excerpts of the Media externally as long as either your identity is not revealed, or you have given prior, express written consent to do so.
  • Except to enforce the limitations identified in this agreement, you agree not to oppose any use of the Media or any portion thereof.
    You hereby release LJIST and waive any claims against LJIST related to the Media or any LJIST event, including claims related to injury, illness, property damage, theft, and loss, unless the claim is caused by LJIST’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  • Once the Media is recorded, LJIST owns exclusive rights in the Media. You agree not to seek compensation for participation in LJIST’s programs or the Media. To the extent that you might have rights in the Media, all such rights are automatically transferred and assigned to LJIST. You grant any consents required to fulfill the purposes of this agreement and acknowledge that LJIST is justifiably relying upon this agreement.

Viewing Recorded Video Content

  • If you request to view recorded content from a coaching session, you will be provided a password protected link to watch the recording on the Zoom cloud playback platform. You will have access to the recording for 14-days from the date the video is shared with you.
  • You may not download, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, modify, create derivative works, transmit, nor may you distribute any part of this content over any network, or sell or offer it for sale under any circumstances or for any reasons. Copying, sharing, or storing any LJIST video content is expressly prohibited without prior written permission of LJIST.

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Facilitation Coaching Program


Are you looking for personalized and ongoing support for DEI Committee, Employee Resource Group (ERG), or Affinity Group facilitators?

Do you want more skills for facilitating inclusive meetings or teams?

Do you need support to be more effective in guiding challenging DEI conversations?


During this 6-month program, you will be guided through a transformative facilitation journey. You will not only have support for growing in your facilitation skill, you will also explore underlying assumptions around facilitation often based in early hurts of adultism and other oppressions. With the additional resource of and practice with your Coaching Partner, you will find new energy to facilitate a variety of meetings from a place of healing, connection, and compassion, to achieve outcomes rooted in justice for all.


By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Applied LJIST methodologies and theories to your facilitation practice
  • Increased understanding of and become more skillful in applying advanced facilitation tools
  • Recognized and begun to heal from some of the root causes of oppression that are impacting your facilitation and ability to back your Facilitation Coaching Partner
  • Begun to explore the intersections of “race,” racism and internalized racism, sexism and internalized sexism, and other oppressions in your facilitation
  • Received care and support as you try new things and, inevitably, make mistakes and learn from them
  • Been thought about and tracked as you continue your social justice facilitation journey!


  • Six (6) monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions per Coaching Partner
  • Six (6) monthly 2-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Collaborative, private Asana board with Coaching Session Reflections
  • Start- and End-of Program Questionnaires
  • Facilitation Resources, Videos, Handouts ($599 Value)
  • Constructivist Listening Resources to Begin a Listening Partnership Practice with Your Coaching Partner


  • Focused Conversation Method Part I: Desired Outcomes Video & Handout
  • Focused Conversation Method Part II: ORID Video & Handout
  • Collaborative Feedback Loop Facilitator Agenda
  • Decision Making Model
  • + More!


Coaching Partner required. (Each Coaching Partner must purchase and sign-up for the program separately.)

This 6-month program can be renewed an unlimited number of times (pending coach availability).